Discover The Unique Charm of Houghton Lake Around Pleasantrees

The region around Pleasantrees is truly a hidden treasure of Michigan; this area, nestled between the towns of Richfield, Roscommon, and Merritt, shelters vibrant communities and a rich local culture, coupled with a flourishing cannabis industry.

Nestled on the shores of the largest inland lake in Michigan, the historic Houghton Lake community is not only famous for its stunning landscapes. It now thrives, as one of the region’s premier recreational marijuana store is situated here. Pleasantrees has been instrumental in contributing to the popularity and accessibility of high quality, carefully cultivated, and expertly produced cannabis products here in Houghton Lake, MI.

Flanking Houghton Lake is the beautiful Merritt, MI, home to breathtaking natural surroundings. Sweeping landscapes and scenic views are now accompanied by its well-known weed dispensary. This little town is making strides, joining the growing list of areas advocating progressive cannabis policies.

Just a short drive away from Houghton Lake is the Richfield Township, a serene, yet dynamic space that’s quickly making a name for itself as a top recreational marijuana destination. Here, you can find Pleasantrees, offering a selection of varied, high-quality cannabis products, marking it as a pivotal stop on the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency’s map.

For seekers of medical cannabis, there’s no better place than the Roscommon Township. As the location of a prominent medical cannabis dispensary, this area is shaping up to be a safe haven for those looking to explore the healing benefits of plant-based medicine.

Conveniently located, Pleasantrees takes pride in offering safe, tested, and consistent cannabis products for both recreational and medical use. As your trusted cannabis dispensary, we’re deeply committed to quality, accessibility, and positivity here in the heart of Michigan. So whether you’re in Houghton Lake, Merritt, Richfield Township, or Roscommon Township, the journey to discover quality cannabis near you is shorter than you think.