Explore Greenville: Fun Things to Do Near SOAR Dispensary

Paying a visit to SOAR Dispensary in Greenville, MS is always a pleasurable experience packed with excellent customer service and premium products. However, it’s also a chance to check out several other amazing attractions near SOAR Dispensary. Here’s a brief guide for cannabis enthusiasts and visitors looking for a blend of entertainment and delight.

1. Winterville Mounds: A few miles drive from SOAR Dispensary will take you to these ancient Native American mounds promising a historical experience that takes you back through hundreds of years of culture and history.

2. Lake Ferguson: After a visit to our dispensary, why not spend a serene day by the picturesque Lake Ferguson absorbing nature’s tranquillity?

3. Delta Blues Museum: The Delta Blues Museum is a must-visit spot. This museum celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Delta’s Blues music and will enthrall all music lovers!

4. Doe’s Eat Place: Treat your taste buds to authentic Southern cuisine at Doe’s Eat Place. Known for its legendary hot tamales and steaks, this restaurant is a local favorite.

5. Warfield Point Park: Perfect for nature lovers, the park offers spectacular scenic views, a picnic spot, and a disc golf course.

In conclusion, there’s plenty to see once you’re done browsing our selection at SOAR Dispensary. You’ll find that beyond finding the best dispensary near you, Greenville, MS, has a lot to offer for everyone. See you on your next visit!