Unleashing Creativity at The Art Shop

Welcome to the vibrant community surrounding Arts District Cannabis, where imagination meets inspiration. Our adjacent venture, ‘The Art Shop’, is not your everyday art supply store.

As art and community enthusiasts, we understand that creativity needs more than just paint and brushes, it needs inspiration, a muse. Our Art Shop, with its unique blend of art materials and community connections, provides exactly that. An extension of Arts District Cannabis, the Art Shop exists as an interconnected space designed for artists to explore, engage, and express their creativity.

Here, we feature high-quality, sustainable art supplies for all ages, various mediums, and skill levels. We are passionate about local talent and celebrate it by showcasing local artists’ work in our community gallery. Our regular workshops, events, and art classes can transport you to a world of color, creativity, and collaboration.

Whether you’re an experienced artist searching for sophisticated tools or a beginner seeking to unleash your creative potential, the Art Shop has something for you. Uncover the magic of art in its myriad forms at The Art Shop — where a community of artists thrive.