A High Time in Macon, MO: Fun with Marijuana Edibles

Around here at Codes – Macon, MO, we don’t just stick to the basic stuff. Yes, the routine chores are important, but life is all about unwrapping the more ‘fun’ aspects of existence, if you get my drift. And nothing screams ‘fun’ more than Marijuana Edibles in Macon, MO.

Have a Taste of Macon’s Best Edibles

Let’s be clear – we’re not suggesting you start baking pot brownies for breakfast. But exploring the innovative range of marijuana-infused goodies is indeed an adventure in itself! Can biscuits help you chill after a busy day? Find out at our Marijuana Dispensary .

It’s not always what you think!

Saying the word ‘Edible’, we bet you’re thinking cookies or gummies. But have you ever tried a marijuana-infused soda? It can probably take your regular Game Night to a whole new level (literally!). Before venturing into any of these though, remember – everything in moderation. Because too much fun can sometimes be… a lot!