The Right Ingredients: A Tale of Transformation

In the heart of Vista, CA lived an unusual bakery, known as The Cake House Vista. They prided themselves on more than just ordinary pastries. Infused in their recipes was a special ingredient – ‘Medical Weed’, the bread and butter of Cake Enterprises Inc.

Unparalleled Innovation

Their journey began with questioning the norm. Bridging the distance between a traditional ‘Dispensary Near Me’ and a ‘Marijuana Store’, they spotted an opportunity in Oceanside, CA. Venturing into uncharted territory, they transformed from just another brick-and-mortar store in San Marcos, CA into a prosperous Cannabis Dispensary.

In Escondido, CA, what began as a wild thought, became a successful reality. Serving sweet and savory alternatives to the experience of medicating with cannabis. Blending the familiar comfort of cakes with the soothing influence of weed, they Instagrammed their masterpiece – ‘The Canabolicake’. This unlikely mash-up echoed through the CA precincts, reaching even the furthest corners of Carlsbad, CA, and Bonsall, CA.

More than Just a Bakery

The Cake House Vista transcended traditional baking and created a unique definition of ‘a bakery’. They became a sanctuary connecting those in need with nature’s best remedy – medical cannabis – one cake at a time. Their story is just the icing on the cake, dare to take a bite?